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It starts with grief. June 19, 2010

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I keep looking for a trace of my friend. A letter. A word. Something.


Fashion-concious men get a lift as the man-heel makes its entrance May 31, 2010

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Something is seriously wrong here.

Something is afoot in men’s fashion. So steady yourselves, because high heels for the heftier sex are making a comeback.

Diminutive shoe aficionados including Karl Lagerfeld, Prince, Richard Hammond and Nicolas Sarkozy have long championed the discreet(ish) Cuban heel. Now, though, height-enhancing footwear has begun to permeate across a broader demographic. For the first time since Glam Rock peaked three decades ago, men of average height are discovering the delights of a few extra inches. Well-heeled shoes of all types, from craftily sized “status” shoes to 21st century platforms, are enjoying a new vogue.

The man-heel — or “meel” as some have termed it — is simultaneously a coming trend in several wildly different milieus. The most eye-catching examples are to be found in the semi-Goth, semi-glam society of high-fashion menswear obsessives. The natural territories for these platform-heeled pioneers include Hoxton, TopMan at Oxford Circus and various international fashion weeks. In Paris this spring, both Gareth Pugh’s and Rick Owen’s shows were attended by high-heeled male audience members. It was the same at Rodarte in New York and Pam Hogg in London. Notable man-platforms are being produced by Jean-Michel Cazabat and Owens himself. Both offer man-heels of about four inches and upwards.

This fashion-pack dalliance may well have been catalysed by Marc Jacobs, perhaps the industry’s most influential bellwether of style. Two years ago the designer let slip that he sometimes wore women’s heels to “suffer for fashion”.

Jacobs told The Times: “If I put heels in a collection I always try them on and walk around the studios in them during the fittings, which take up to 36 hours. It raises a laugh with the team for about five minutes because they’ve seen me do it so many times. But that’s not why I do it. I do it because I want to show that I’m not some misogynist designer designing these torturous shoes for women. The heels are there as a choice and if you want to wear them all the time, some of the time or never, it’s your choice.” He added: “I don’t wear them out on the street.”

Some male style mavens, however, do even go so far as to wear extremely feminine styles out and about. The street fashion photo blog of Peter Stigter shows one example of a young man outside the New York fashion week venue wearing strappy, open-toed stilettos — teamed with a fringed handbag. These camp, provocatively gender-skewing style statements are not the only way in which the man-heel is flourishing. A mariachi-meets-Keith Richards shoe shape — a pointed shoe or boot teamed with a silhouette-boosting heel — is proving popular among a more overtly masculine crowd. Dior Homme’s collection features a cool pointed suede ankle boot that gives about two inches of extra lift.

Selfridges reports a particular appetite for this style of boot. Sam Lobban, a contemporary buyer for the store, described the look as “flamboyant, but in an edgy, cool way. Heeled boots are the epitome of this and seem a natural turn for our customer — rock’n’roll twinned with elegance”.

The dandyish Rochester style by the English shoe designer Jeffery West gives nearly three inches of lift. So spectacularly pointed is it that one could, if inclined, quite easily hide a cheese triangle in front of one’s toes, go for a stroll, and preserve it unsquashed. Wearing the Rochesters — burnished a deep red and punched with a snake motif — earned me numerous appreciative comments at The Times yesterday.

The pointed rockstar boots, however, are obviously Cuban heeled. Men who hanker after a few extra inches but prefer not to brazen it out visit James Taylor & Sons near Baker Street in London. Here “status shoes” are made with visible heels of about 1¼in — barely more than regular shoes. Inside Taylor’s shoes, however, lurks a hidden 1½in lift. The shoemaker’s owner, Peter Schweiger, reports a steady trade in elevating wing tips, Oxfords, and chukka boots.

Not all of his customers, however, are averse to displaying their heels. “Sometimes people bring in shoes which we raise for them, back to the brothel creeper way of things with two inches of crepe under the soles.

~from TimesOnline.com


May 28, 2010

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I have a question… a really dumb question.  The very act of considering it in a serious way is making me feel like some greasy haired otaku. But, if I don’t ask this question I doubt that I will be able to carry on with my day off.

I am about 5 minutes into The Wolfman, so far it is not so good, and the Wolfman has already killed someone. He did it by first stabbing the man through the stomach with his claws and then slashing him across the face. After that the man ran away and the Wolfman stalked him for a short bit before moving in to finish him with a bite.

Now here is my question:

Why does the Wolfman use claws as a means of killing or incapacitating his prey?

I know he is a strange amalgamation of wolf and man, but in those two completely unrelated species there is absolutely no use of claws as weapons. Sure humans can make claws, but if we come in bare handed we will probably use one of the many ape methods, use your hands like hammers, grab and attempt to throw you, choke you, slap you,etc, etc. We don’t slash.

Wolves bite. Period. Yeah they like most land animals have claws but they don’t use them for hunting.

So. The Wolfman. What gives? Why is he going around like a pissed off cat clawing people?

It makes no sense.


Now i can get back to my illegally downloaded bad movie.


May 10, 2010

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I am moderately pissed. I just got my schedule for the next year from my part time job and I am not pleased. I expected to be getting more work from the company but… *sigh*. Angry.


Remember this. May 9, 2010

1. Breath. Suddenly gasping for air or, even worse, abrubtly passing out is in no way sexy.

2. Before the date develop an almost intimate knowledge of your tipping point. Sloppy drunk ain’t cute. IT AIN’T CUTE!

3. Never meet your date in any state of drunkeness. Drinking related side-eye is a killer.

4. If you are dating a Japanese fellow be prepared to make all the decisions or hone your innate telepathy into a sharp blade.

5. Don’t be drunk. (Yeah, I already said it twice.)

6. Clean your place completely in the morning. Go out for lunch. Clean your place completely again. Some people, two of my exes, are able to spot a stray spot of dust from five miles out. Clean is never clean enough.


an unexpected twist

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I just want to get something straight. I hate spring. No I am not some type of evil wretch who despises the sight of gorgeous little flowers spewing metric fuck tonnes of pollen into the air. No , that type of thing doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the iffiness of spring.

“Will I be hot? Will I be cold? Will I let the sun shine, rain pour, or snow fall today? Maybe I will do two of those during the day and do the other all night. Yeah, that sounds good.”

Stupid spring.


My ex, the recent one, the one that I really liked, the one who I think gave me mental problems for a while, is currently lying in my bed. No, we didn’t fuck… not anally anyway. Not yet, but that will probably be on the table at some point before he leaves.

Him getting here is quite an amusing tale. (Oh and just so you know I am not talking about Jun. He is not allowed within 500 yards of my apartment and 1000 yards of my bed.)

So for the last month i have been trying to meet guys. I have had some successes and failures. One guy I met is pretty cool, but he has a boyfriend in Canada. Another guy I met is pretty nice, but he lives somewhat far away. Lucky, right? Well last friday night as I was planning how to best lock myself in my apartment for the weekend I get a call from my ex about a free HIV testing event that he is organizing and he also tells me about some potential extra work. I thank him for this info and then we shoot the shit for a couple of minutes.

Now this guy is Japanese and in typical Japanese dude fashion is typically oblivious to the problems of his significant other. I know shouldnt make that generalization, but I feel it’s true. While we are talking I think he has a moment of clarity.

He asked, “Why don’t we talk anymore? Are you trying to keep me away?”

I was shocked silent for a couple of seconds.

I have/had been trying to keep him away. I didn’t really expect him to get it. He was supposed to be completely oblivious to my feelings. That was his thing. That is his thing.

“Perhaps,” I thought, ” I’ve been wrong.”

So I invited him over the next day for dinner and conversation. He ended up staying the night and I still don’t have what I want… him. With all the bells and whistles attached.


Is sight a liability? May 8, 2010

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I should be sleeping right now but instead I am sitting (laying actually) in the dark looking around my room. At one point or another I am sure everyone has done this or something like it.

Sitting in the dark I mean.

When I was a young lad I was afraid of the dark. Truthfully I am still afraid but now I can handle if better. My secret? Never close your curtains.

My parents, both for different reasons, were horrified of leaving curtains open at night. My mom would always scream that we were going to get robbed or murdered. My dad always felt like people would watch us if the curtains were open.

All were valid concerns. Especially when you take into account that we did get robbed once and that my neighbor’s son once watched my sister getting undressed one night.

My parents calmed their nerves by putting some of the thickest and darkest curtains you can imagine in all of the bedrooms. My parents had thick, satiny red curtains that matched their bed sheets.  (Sexy, right?)   My sisters had thick multiple layer, white curtains that matched the wood on their walls. I had thick, navy colored, floor length curtains that didn’t match a damn thing in my room or the house.

Those curtains taught me my first lesson on decorating. Bad decorating.

Anyway the curtains in my room were so thick and my parents closed them so tight that at night my bedroom would turn into a freaking tomb. Pitch black.

I have a theory. People who wear glasses are not afraid of the dark because in regular life they can’t see without  glasses.  Life in the daytime is scary for them so the dark is not much different.

I don’t wear glasses so the contrast between day and night is too shocking.  I can see so I get frightened.

It’s just a theory.



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